The Sky From Our Rooftop

by Lucid Sound Driver

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You find yourself walking aimlessly, Another typical day at work has left you down and depleted, you wake up every morning feeling like a shell of who you once were. You feel you're living your life for somebody else, a depressive overtone haunts your existence..... You go to the rooftop and look over the edge

rain begins coming in.....

You feel a strange sensation as the wind blows rain against your face, a sense of transformation taking over as it beats in rhythmic method against your skin.... chronesthisea sets in and your brought back to a time when you were a child as the world shifts around you....

As everything reverts back to a state you would call "normal" you see a young child playing in the park before realize it is yourself and stand in awe as you see who you once were. You realize who you are and how you lost yourself somewhere along the way, you realize what you've become.... wondering if it was worth it. As you become lost in thought you realize your childhood self has approached you and reaches their hand you touch hands a bright light breaks through, your child hood self and the world around you consumed in the vibrant light....

You find yourself in an empty void...
In the body of your childhood self
There is nothing here....
You hear the sound of your heart against your chest.

Suddenly a sound echos off in the distance, you look over immediately, but see nothing. You wonder if the silence is playing tricks on you. You try to calm your nerves, but you hear it getting closer.

Before you appears this strange gelatinous being inching closer and closer as the walls begin to close in, .... as it draws nearer you realize it is a grotesque form of your adult being moving menacingly towards you. It is the empty shell in which you've resided for so long now. You hear it speak to you, it tells you how foolish you're being, how you must conform if you ever want to make it, it tells you how no one will ever love you without it.... It lunges forward attacking you as it begins to consume your entire body. You feel yourself becoming suffocated as it begins to take over. You have lost all your will to continue as you begin to give in...

As you begin to go under you hear a childs voice, your own voice, asking "What path will you take, who will you exist for? Will you let them be the masters of your destiny?"

In an act of self identifying salvation you tear at this being that surrounds you, you battle yourself mentally as you begin breaking free from these chains that bind you, in a sudden instance you break through illuminating yourself, reshaping your world around you creating your own matrix.... you become the master of your own reality as you emerge from your shell as a new being.... you question who you live for, and you decide to move on a path for YOU.....

Your childhood self separates from you again leaving you in a new adult form and as it reaches out and touches your forehead you lose conciousness

You awake and find that you've returned to your state in this present point in time. You take breath anew as the sun sets and you realize how truly beautiful the view is from your rooftop


released May 30, 2017

All Music Written, Performed, Recorded, and Mastered by Jack Murphey



all rights reserved


Lucid Sound Driver Salt Lake City, Utah

All of this will soon be replaced with something greater....

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